Doctor Clegg’s Machete

Based on the work of the American obstetrician Thomas H Brewer.The story of a young female doctor who is confronted by a woman whose baby has died following pre-eclampsia in the pregnancy. Doctor Avril Clegg becomes obsessed by this enigmatic disease. Her emotional involvement inspires brilliant clinical insights and intense professional opposition — and amongst those who l
ove her, both devotion and despair.

An effective and powerful creation. A very moving novel.”  Iain Chajohn's books' covers 002lmers, director, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit

“It is a deeply moving and terribly accurate indictment of how the medical establishment works.”  Dr Andrew Stanway, bestselling medical writer.

“An extraordinary subject to have written a novel around. Frighteningly real and very convincing.”  Ros Claxton, founder member, London Birth Centre

“Extremely interesting and enjoyable… A great merit of scientific fiction is that you can explore the psychological context in which scientific work is produced.”  Martin Richards, Head of Child Care & Development Group, Cambridge University.

“A fair description of the unacceptable face of socio-medical politics… In fact I found I could not put it down, reading the whole book in one three-hour session.”  Wendy Greenshields, Chair of Resources and Information Group, National Childbirth Trust 

“Unique in the way it brings out the difficult, personal realities of what honesty in science, medicine or advocacy means and takes.”  Lisa Curtice, Maternity Alliance

“I didn’t have to think twice before choosing this little novel for the first book review I’ve written since I discontinued publishing the quarterly magazine Birth Gazette in 2000. First, and in some sense, most important, Doctor Clegg’s Machete is a good read. John Hargreaves has created a cast of believable characters, a credible plot line and a book that is as suspenseful as it is informative.”  Ina May Gaskin  

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