Harvests and Harvesters


Harvests & Harvesters john's books' covers H&H
Gollancz, 1987

A portrait of the men and women who produce Britain’s fruit and vegetables, from raspberries in Blairgowrie to garlic on the Isle of Wight, carrots in East Anglia to courgettes on the Cornish Riviera. Harvests tells the why, where and how of commercial horticulture in this country through the stories of the harvesters. It chronicles enormous changes in the ways fruit and vegetables are produced, highlighting a wide range of attitudes to intensive growing methods and marketing philosophy.

“A fascinating and thoroughly entertaining book. The writing sparkles and the author ladles out a riotously rich collection of facts. A book which will make you croon to your seedlings. Thoroughly recommended.”  Western Morning News

“A really good read. The author writes with enthusiastic fluency.”  Roy Strong in London Daily News

“Underlying Hargreaves’ tolerant, enquiring style, is not rage but a boiling fear that commercial growers, who have a history of leaving the land better than they found it, are now exploiting the soil so that, in the perilously close future, it will be virtually impossible to grow certain traditional British produce.”  Homes and Gardens

“This is a very readable book and full of surprises. Concealed amongst the many recorded conversations is a carefully researched comparison of the methods of today, both production and business, with those of the past. It is this survey which enhances the value of the book from being just a jolly good read to being of considerable value to the serious student.”  Soil Association Review

“Harvests and Harvesters provides not only an excellent insight into the growing of a broad spectrum of crops, it is also a very pleasing experience. Travelling the country to examine individual crops, the author has captured the character of the individual growers themselves. The result is a sympathetic, yet realistic view of the UK producer and his product, warts and all.”  Fruit Trades Journal

“Politics, social history, science, world history, the growth of communications – they hardly sound like the components of market gardening. But they are indeed, and either they are most interesting in this guise or else it is the expertise of John Hargreaves that makes them so.” Shropshire Magazine

“An intriguing book for anyone who has ever tried to grow a vegetable or a fruit.”  East Anglian Daily Times


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